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On behalf of Branding Team we wish you all the success for your untiring efforts of promoting your products & Services, we further invite you to extend your reach to Global market. Advancement in the field of internet & Web services distance is no longer a barrier in reaching your potential customers world wide. Taking an opportunity of our Global reach and unmatched viewer ship in millions - News DNN invites you to come forward and share an opportunity of exhibiting your products & Services in Domestic as well as international market.

Tariff For AD Campaign Combined Package (Min. 3 Months)

On Facebook Page of News DNN with 68k Plus Followers & Over 30M views your ad will be 

backed up by our viewership assurance of 20k views per month

On Youtube Channel of NEWS DNN with 24k Plus Subscribers & over 5M Global views, Ad 

will be displayed in Live & D - Live Telecast min. 10 or 15 max. times in a day.

News platform www.newsdnntv.com having News Contents of National & International interest, 

showcasing Talk Shows on Social-Spiritual & Political Content. 

Graphic Ad’s will also be displayed in the form of banner in daily news Videos

Scroll AD Campaign: Scroll ad’s will be published on each and every news.

All the above campaign will be for 3 months along which will include  2-4 Mins of on location Ad 

Shooting & Editing For Rs. 45000/-  (Ad Shooting will be one time activity on one single location)

Only Ad Shoot charges are Rs.15000/-

One Month Pack Without Shooting will be Rs.15000/-

Two Months Pack Without Shooting will be Rs.25000/-

The partners can choose one single or multiple platform as per there requirements and same will



Daastaan - e - Kaamyabi

Full Title Sponsorship for 10 Episodes Rs. 100000/-

Partial or Joint Sponsorship Rs.  60000/- (Each Sponsor)

SAHAJA YOGA - A Unique Discovery & Gift To Mankind

Full Title Sponsorship for 10 Episodes Rs. 125000/-

Partial or Joint Sponsorship Rs.  75000/- (Each Sponsor)

Mulakaat Hamari - Faisla Aapka  

Full Title Sponsorship for 10 Episodes Rs. 75000/-

Partial or Joint Sponsorship Rs.  50000/- (Each Sponsor)

Health Is Wealth  

Full Title Sponsorship for 10 Episodes Rs. 50000/-

Partial or Joint Sponsorship Rs.  30000/- (Each Sponsor)


1. Video Ad’s Shooting & Editing (On & Off Location) T&C Apply

2. Graphic Ad Design (Media to be provided by You)

3. Campaigning of Ad’s Targetting the Audience type needed for your Product.

4. Promotion of your Social Media Network by our experts.

5. Ad Campaign Designing on multiple Platforms.

6. Regular coverage of New launch by our PR News Journalist’s.

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